Personal Profile Pic-Sariah Marketing Hi, I’m Leon Sariah owner of Sariah Marketing. First off, thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you find it insightful and educational to your online business. I think when choosing an online company its important that you know who your working with so that you can build trust. So here is a little bit about me so you can trust me as your online marketing consultant. From the beginning I have always had an entrepreneur mindset.

From being a paper boy, to selling jewelry and candy in school to 900 numbers, to eBay to affiliate marketing, I have always had the desire and will to own my own business. After 14 years in Corporate America I decide to leave to Focus on Faith, Family and Finance. Sariah Marketing was birth out of that decision. I wanted to build an affordable option for companies that did not have the large budgets, but still wanted to have a significant online presence. Our motto here at Sariah Marketing isYou Can’t Afford Not to Use Us“.

I am a devout Christian who puts God first in my life and in my decisions. Family is important to me as I would not be able to do what I do with out the support of those closest to me. Finances allow me to not only support my family, but also to give those causes in which I find important and want my life to make a difference in being able to support them. So now you know a little bit about please feel free to email me or contact me to discuss your marketing needs.

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