How to Use Merchant Circle to Boost Google Rankings

Buy windows direct Kansas city

Here is a guest blog post from Sean of Columbia Glass and Window, They sale windows direct to customers in Kansas City. Sean details 10 tips that he used on Merchant Circle to gain many connections and boost his Google Rankings.

When you post on another merchant’s site in Talk To Me and all you talk about is your business¬† you do not benefit your fellow merchant, it actually hurts. We need to think outside of the box. We should look at the merchant’s business and say key words that are beneficial to the merchant’s site!! It is not rocket science! Just look at the site and pick key words that are relevant to the business. But it is not just on Talk To Me that we need to use key words, we need to do it also when we write a review for the merchant.

We never, never, never want to plug our own company on any other merchant’s site. We all need to understand that our own site or any other merchant’s site will not benefit from commenting about ourselves. We need to stick together and follow the steps that are posted on my bulletin board which was written by the former member The Glass Guy.

1. When someone wants to be friends you need to accept them.
2. Then you need to go to their site and look at what their business is and then pick key words and write a couple sentences and state their business name, for sure, and say thanks for connecting.
3. Then you need to give them 5 stars!!!
4. You need to give or receive a review.
5. You need to create an ad, a coupon, a sale or a promotion (everywhere you friend someone your ad will follow in that person’s city, this is why it is important to create an ad!!!)
6. You need to post in the forum (be social, do not plug your company).
7. By posting your ad, coupon, sale or blog on another merchant’s bulletin board.
8. By creating a hot spot. This is found on every city’s home page.
9. When you invite merchants who have not claimed their pages yet.
10. When you pick your local favorites.

If you want your site to be successful, you need to invite at least 100 a day!!! You need to update your site daily. We all need to help each other and not just think about the benefits for our own busines. We need to help the site that does not have a review. Step up to the plate and write one. Write a blog about your business or one that will benefit all the merchants. We all need to start caring about others and not just about me, me, me!!! I hope this helps you — I know that it has helped me!!!

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